sc400 vs. mustang

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Alpine, TX
So last night my friend from another small west texas town was telling me how his 2002 mustang v-6 5 speed had beat like every 6 cylinder in that town. I took a ride in it and to me it indeed seemed fast he roasted 1st and some of second gear and had very good torque. We decided to race. I mean the stock v-6 is rated only at 190hp, but the torque is about the same 3.8l vs. 4l and he got out of the hole very fast with the manual transmission. I figured he would hop out in front of me and then i would play catch up. I mean my car has 235hp minus 5-8% loss compared to his manual and my car weighs a good 300 pounds more so i figured with his quick launch it would be a close race. We go at it and his 1st doesn't even catch me then i am gone, i mean gone, he said i probably had at least 5 cars on him. We did it twice with the same results. Quite suprising, i thought it would be closer.