Rebuild for boost / general 1uz questions

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First off thanks for having me, I have been lurking the forums for quite a while and have learned quite a few things about the 1uz but I have a few more questions that I'm not sure of I would like clarified before venturing into my build.

Let me start off by saying the 1uz is going into a 1995 4runner.

This truck is NOT my daily driven vehicle, it does not have to pass any emissions, nor does it even need to pass a state inspection.

My purpose for the vehicle is the occasional street driving (to where ever I am headed to go off road) I will eventually be upgrading to Chrysler front and rear axles (Solid front) so power should not be an issue. This truck will see mainly mud and sand as I live in a swampy area of North Carolina very close to the coast.

The engine: 1995 LS400 1uzfe 180kish miles (sourced from a scrapped car with rear end damage)

First my questions:

I will be using the a341e trans with an inchworm gear 4x4 adapter for the gear driven t-case. My question, how reliable is this transmission under 500+ hp stress?

My last question is as simple as looking at my engine build and letting me know if my goals can be met.

The build:

Lextreme Stage 1 Forged H beam rods
Ross 8.5:1 forged pistons
ARP head studs
Toyota / Lexus factory gasket sets (upper and lower)
Aftermarket timing belt kit (Not sure of kit yet)
Clevite or Sealed power bearings (not sure yet could also go with ACL's)
Toyota factory head gaskets (I could go Cometic if needed but this drasticly changes my budget)
Toyota Factory valvetrain replacement (If needed)

Boost will be supplied Via a supercharger as I will need low end torque and power. I have not made up my mind on the charger setup yet but nothing too wild.

Engine management will be handled by a megasquirt 2 setup.

My goals are 450-500 HP with the ability to grow into another 100 HP topping out at 550-600.

Thanks for the read, and advice in advance.

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Welcome! Regarding longevity and he a341e, this box can hold between 350tq-400tq consistently before it pops. Adding a massive trans cooler will raise this rating some however the weakest component are the sprags which just cannot handle high torque. Aside from the sprags, the leisurely shifts cause excessive clutch slip and heat generation. Fix for this is a valve body upgrade.

Best combo for a bulletproof box:

large cooler
valve body upgrade
upgraded sprags
kevlar clutches (optional)

I know Boostlogic, SRT and level 10 offer upgraded components for the a341e. You can also refer to the supra forums for more info on strengthening mods. Hope this helps some.
That was actually very helpful to know. The cooler and valvebody upgrades are easy ordeals. The rest are out of my league but I'm sure I'm capable of having a trans shop do it here in my hometown.

I will check out the 3 sources you have given me and go from there. thanks again!