Rear upper control arms 1993 Lexus SC400

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Does anyone know the name of the company that makes the adjustable upper rear control arms for the 1993 Lexus sc400. They were on ebay but must have sold. I contacted them by email several weeks ago but can't find it.

Thanking you in advance.... probably has some New Old Stock parts and I've bought from them before with good results. Either that or they are refurbished in either way I've never had to send anything back. Now if you really want to spend some money

I am not sure if they offer them for your specific 93 but I would also check Megan Racing because they might offer something. There's also a company called serial 9 which I have not really looked into and they probably only offer things for lowered vehicles but it's worth calling up the company and asking one of their people. Also please note! ... that I have not found anything, that is not meant for being adjusted or specifically lowering at least one to two inches in the high-end aftermarket ...that isn't a refurbished Lexus part. And if you're going to go OEM with a stock height that's what I would wind up doing because it's meant for the car and for my experience it's worth the money getting the stock part if you don't want to lower anything. Buy an extra set if you can afford to as an investment even.. even if you don't have the car somebody will and they'll want to buy that from you at the end of the day.