The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
A newbie here. Lots of great reading material.
Next season I’m hoping to do headers, careless y pipe, intake and ported Intake manifold with a tune from George
70k miles btw on a 04 UL
I also have a 2jz powered car
For anyone trying to relearn the immobilizer, here is the method I used for my sc430.

It’s best if you buy the immobilizer delete, it will just be plug and play. Less headaches. But if you don’t purchase the immobilizer delete, you’ll need to:
1) disconnect the negative cable off battery
2) remove the oem ecu, plug in the new modified ecu.
3) connect the negative back on the battery
4) insert key in ignition, and key on (engine off)
5) on the obd2 port under the driver side dash, jump terminal pin 13 (TC) and pin 4 (CG) for 30 minutes (put a timer on).
6) the cluster gauge will start flashing during the 30 minutes.
7) after the 30 min is up, key off and remove key from ingntion. Then remove the jumper wire from pin 13 and pin 4.
8) insert key back in ignition and start engine right away.
it's been posted whole lot of times and unfortunatelly it never helps. People will still tend to read it wrong or never find this useful information. It's also worth mentioning that this method will not work for old Lexus GS430 (160 chassis code)
ecu came in today installed it and followed the procedure car started but then theres a check engine light on i hook up the scanner and its p1765 Linear Shift Solenoid Circuit Fault going to take it off now and put the stock one on untill i can get it sorted out first before i use it
update: i reinstalled my old ecu and cel light is gone so ill have to get with Quantum-Auto to see if we can get it going right
on the ecu numbers are 89661-50551......275000-2550 12v....2-50030
and there is some numbers hand written as well 3501100-8966550011
sounds like replacement is due, tell us what happens next
waiting on there email so i can send back the ecu to get fixed or replaced lol there only an hr away from my house i could take a drive there to drop it off maybe it be faster but im just waiting on response to see what the plan is
I wish I had 1 usd each time I'm being asked
hey george I have a 2002 sc430 with remapped ecu from quantum auto and they’ve been very slow to reply, and im starting to lose hope because my car is having dtc and cel lights pop up p1765 codes which causes 2nd gear not to engage, and quantum auto is asking 400 dollars to get repaired, i don’t think i would like to spend that much when they messed it up. Is there any way you could get this fixed if i send it to you? I would appreciate the help thanks.
this sounds unusual but thank you for the info. I will try to talk to them first. What was email that you used for communications?