Ls400 starting, starter, and started problem mind blown out here!?

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Alright guys number one what's the three wiring connections under the intake of the 98 ls400 an number two is as follows!!! Number three why starter go under damn intake blenhem?! This problems with my 98 Lexus ls400 is been up my ass for a while first off let me start with my air conditioning fan under the glovebox it was off balance due to a wreck on the right side of the car okay... While it didn't always work a little tap to the underside of the glovebox would get it spinning somewhere along that line it went from tapping to beating to kicking until one day the car just stop cranking with the ignition then hard enough while running the damn thing just died an wouldnt crank up well dissecting this was gonna be a problem it's been a problem cause that very same day my key started working again when a wiring harness connector whateve u wanna call it connected to that same fan mount assembly somehow came loose somehow is related to the problem cause I just pushed it back in from being loose and all of a sudden she's back, we'll go for two meanwhile when it was not cranking with the key I investigated every back path an alley to start this car with out the key along with what ever else maybe have been the problem basically stumbled on it wrecklessly some genius shows you how to bypass the relay and this starts the car at least it starts mine and in doing this must have screwed the starter bad and it did, let me tell u the teeth were just gone off this starter of the piece that sits on the flywheel so I was thinking new starter just got the new starter in hopped in turn the key and nothing!!! I need some info but honestly I need a new vehicle sadly cause I knew right off the bat it wasn't gonna start after all the work taking the damn intake off connectors out Jesus help me guys in the forum help me pray for me wish me a bad day but wish it when I'm driving the fucker not useless shit! Im getting tired of the reliable flagship of Toyotas luxury or is it my lucks just that great?!?? Any info helps maybe theres related topics but I have yet to find my topic itself anywhere wheres the info thanks for the patience if u got this far your already family....
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I started to edit that wall of text but then found such a complete lack of punctuation that I gave up. Hopefully someone can get through that.