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Hello everyone,

I’ve been lurking this site for quite awhile trying to gather information on the 1uz non-vvti. I’m planning on transplanting one into my ‘76 Triumph TR7. I have seen the swap online and from what I’ve read on the swap pages, the 1uz looks like the engine that should have been in there in the first place and It just has that “cool” factor to it. Everyone and their brother has done the GM LS swap (boring), but it’s not what I want. Too heavy and too much HP for that little car.

My goals for the car are a nice smooth highway cruiser that can still open some eyes from stoplight to stoplight. Nothing crazy with the build, simple bolt-ons, a very mild tune (more for efficiency rather than all out HP), and an upgraded exhaust, and anything else that the collective brain trust here might suggest.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of questions, but I’ll try and use the search function before asking. I’m anxious to learn more.
I think you will find an LS is about the same as a 1UZ. I have an LS3 in one of my cars and I'm sorry to say it beats the 1UZ hands down.

That being said the conversion will be nice and the old 1UZ does sound awesome.

Getting more power out of one isn't cheap as the ECU is pretty well un-hackable so power gains are modest.

Still given the weight of a TR7 it will be a nice drive.

I had a stock TR7 40 years ago and it was one of the most chuck-able (if that's an expression) cars I've ever driven. Plain fun.