How to make my car drift

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Tank Sapper!!!!! Hate to say it but you will need to have divine powers to gat a luxo barge like that to drift!!! Ha-ha and I don’t think it would ever be competitive. Although there is am Aristo in D1 with 1000PS at the treds and that thing is a weapon.

Although I am not one to talk I am building a Holden Commodore!!!!!

Hope you like a challenge!

I had to make all my suspension from scratch. If you want details of what I have done let me no and I will get some pics and give you all a run down. 1UZ-FE (Wipple 2.3L - R154) conversion of cores!!!

One of our guys is in the States ATM drifting should go well.