Gauge Cluster

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Hey guys, so I have a quick question..

A week ago I had taken out my cluster to repair the backlights - I did so but didn’t have enough to replace all, so I replaced the ones I had and put it back in, ordered more of the leds and went back to put them in the failed bulb spots. I noticed the first time I had pulled it, my temp gauge didn’t work anymore, after I pulled it the second time and put it back in with all the lights in place - my rpm gauge didn’t work so I proceeded to take it out again to see if I maybe nicked a wire or something.. didn’t see anything so I put it back in screwed it in place and turned the car on. Now none of my needles work other than the gas gauge which will work regardless other than my fuel pump measure thing going bad.

so with all that said, does anyone know what happened and how I can fix this or if it’s even fixable at all? Thank you in advance. If worse comes to bad, which ecu do you guys recommend to run the haltech aftermarket dash.. I was looking at the haltech 2000.