Fried ECU M-Rel output AGAIN!!!!!!!!! 88 CRESS 1UZ

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this damn 1uz fried another ecu!
here is the course of events that unfolded :(

#exhaust leak , collector was leaking and welds on egr tube blocked off. collector is fixed the header i need to remove.
# i ran out of gas. fuel gauge not reliable . filled up atm now
#unhooked the maf and intake to get to manifold to check for exhaust leaks. put back together and it seemed to run like shit intermittenly afterwards. no low end power in lower gears like loss of fuel
#last issue now once again no check engine light and no power at m-rel pin @ ecu

fml... what the hell i know this is a somewhat common problem, but for two computers with the same issue within 6 months wtfff


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This is why I recommend rebuilding the ecu. In one of my videos I pull apart half a dozen ecus and all have leaking caps. In this video the tesr ecu failed while the original ecu was getting repaired. So having two second hands fail in six months is hardly anything to worry about. Have them fixed properly and no more problems.


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Send the ECU to New Zealand and have Gloverman look at it for you.

Kelvin is honest and will repair it if possible for a reasonable price.
So update. I met a guy through the net that , claims to be the originator of the capacitor leak repair. He explained a lot of the issues i have been having , with sluggish power , and losing m-rel output.

I found out that the 95 ls400 has software issues with their ecus , along with the capacitor leaks. There were 4 revisions of this ecu in 95, so when searching for a ecu to use the last digit of the part number will end in a 4 , marking the 4th revisment of this particular year. I am purchasing an ecu from this person that he is going to overhaul that is a 4th gen of the 95 ecus. Hopefully this will fix all my issues!!!