1. C

    2010 ls460 awd won’t start aft collision. Please help

    Long sad unfortunate story short I was tboned by 2 pick up trucks going through a yellow/red light due to snow/ice with only liability insurance. My car got hit in the front passenger side crushing the front tire in and 2nd truck hit the passenger side of my car behind the rear tire crushing...
  2. EIL_V8

    Fuel pump won't work - but works when 12V applied from battery.

    Hi again guys, I have another problem with my UZZ31 if you could lend some advice. Here's the issue: One day the car refused to fire. Cranks but won't fire. No fuel delivery. Swapping the main relay with the dimmer relay does nothing. Other fuses seem good in engine bay... Applying a cable...
  3. 88sogreatv8

    Fried ECU M-Rel output AGAIN!!!!!!!!! 88 CRESS 1UZ

    this damn 1uz fried another ecu! here is the course of events that unfolded :( #exhaust leak , collector was leaking and welds on egr tube blocked off. collector is fixed the header i need to remove. # i ran out of gas. fuel gauge not reliable . filled up atm now #unhooked the maf and intake...
  4. EIL_V8

    UZZ31 Soarer won't crank. Dash lights turn off when cranking. Help please... :(

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem. UZZ31 Toyota Soarer from 1991. Just had timing belt + water pump installed by Australian mobile mechanic company "Lube Mobile". Worst job ever! DO NOT TRUST THESE CLOWNS WITH YOUR VEHICLE! Mechanic put water pump gasket on wrong, couldn't work out timing...