Are ballet resistor on coils needed?

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Hi all, I recently purchased a car with a 1UZ engine made from varied other cars and parts.
Search Patero 408 GTC nz if you want to see what I'm talking about.
It stopped running recently and it's taken a bit of effort to track the wiring out.
Wires enter loom as one color - change colur and arrive at the destination a third color. Dash is a rats nest and Nissan.
It has a Link ecu running the engine, a relay supplies 12v through two ballest resistors in series to the two coils, a MIisubishu J722t ignitor then switches for spark.
Finally I will get to the question - with 12v straight to the coils it idles and ran today but using the ballest resistors I get a rough idle if it idles.
Do these coils need ballest resistors?

Cheers for any advice.