ABS/TRAC Delete Kit for SC400

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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A poster is asking us about developing a kit that allows for eliminating the ABS/traction control system on his SC400.

The goal is to remove the heavy and complicated ABS system that interferes with response and track performance, and to replace that system with brake lines that go straight from the integrated brake proportioning valve inside the brake master cylinder to each brake caliper.

Existing threads on ABS/Trac removal:

And here is a thread on Club Lexus showing what all is actually deleted (over 40 lbs.) on an SC400 or SC300 and how easy it is. Users report brake performance boosts as well.

Would anyone be interested in Lextreme developing a kit like this with clear instructions and steel-braided brake lines at an affordable cost? Or maybe better yet a simple, affordable kit that shows owners how to eliminate ABS/TRAC using provided T's.

You might also find this video interesting from an SC400 owner .

Another question: What are the ramifications of doing this on an LS400?


Why would you want to eliminate ABS? its not working on my race car, and I wish it was! (I don't really need it, but love the piece of mind knowing its there, plus on crazy braking, the rears lock up). The ABS unit from the later cars is integrated into the master cylinder. I swapped that in my 91 from a 1998 GS400.