3vze flywheel issues

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The holes on the 3vz don't get moved out so much as opened up. the larger bolt hole envelopes about 90% of the original hole on the 3vz flywheel. As opposed to the 3sgte flywheel that ends up looking like mickey mouse ears. I have a great photo on this computer I'll post up of a near failure of a 3sgte flywheel on a 1uz sometime soon. Scary stuff...

Their concern with the 3vz Zuffen, is the removal of the material from where the flywheel meets the crank. With most 3vz flywheels, the material is super thick to accommodate the 3vz's oddball offset starter location. When you remove the material from the base to suit the 1uz the material left is the same thickness as any 7m or jz flywheel under the bolts. On some aftermarket 3vz flywheels they just offset the material to the inside so thet the flywheel would still be offset for thr starter but the same thickness as any other flywheel under the bolts. so when you remove the material there is nothing left but 4mm of material.


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the bolt holes on this flywheel look very wrong, i would not use it,i know the flywheel centres on the crank so the bolts only need to stop it turning but even so they just don't look right, it came in a kit from collins racing(?) so it is probably tried and tested, its just not for me.


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