3UZ-FE into Cadillac ?

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Hello everybody.

Im Miro, from Slovakia (Europe). One nice day, i bought Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d Elegance 1986 stretch limousine.
I felt in love with this titanic on road. My first ride was 1000km trip from Switzerland to Slovakia.. and i noticed that engine doesnt work well.
Its underpowered, bad condition and the car is feeling heavy and sluggish. 140hp (i think around 50 horses are dead already.. ) is not enough for
stretched 2,5t limo. I tryed another fleetwood brougham with 5.0L olds engine.. and it wasnt much better either.

I want to drive this car.. to weddings some weekends, maybe it will end as a business who knows. I decided to swap the engine for something better, more powerfull with better consumption, but to keep the original look and feel of the car, with V8 petrol engine.
GM V8 engines are very rare in europe. I had 5.7 chevy tahoe, and it was great.. but i had problems with parts. Even basic parts like filters costed 3x more than standard european part and must be ordered from another country.

There is only few manufacturers with V8s avaible here .. jaguar, bmw etc.. I decided to go with Toyota/Lexus, because i know this cars litlle bit (im doing some toyota LC100 ), and they were always easy to maintain and repair. I simply like what i see, the technological logic in them. All parts are avaible at my standard and local parts dealers. For example premium oil filter costs 3,50€ :)

----End of introduction----
I bought Lexus GS430 after accident with 3UZ-FE. Now the big question.. its possible to fit it in cadillac ?
I want to use lexus engine, gearbox and all stuff i need to run it. I think i will connect it throug custom driveshaft to original rear axle.
If somebody has a clue.. feel free to write me. I need all the info possible, because nobody here knows cadillacs or V8 swaps. Its very rare situation and nobody to ask.

Original engine :: 5.0 V8 Oldsmobile 307 140hp 340Nm
Gearbox :: THM200-4R


Here is caddy after some initial repairs, new wheels, and dent repairs. It looks nice, but needs new roof, body fillers and repaint.
But you got the basic idea.

And here is the GS430, after rollover and crash. Roof and interior is destroyed..but the drivetrain and things i need
looks untouched.


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