1uzfe into ski nautique

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hi guys im would like to do a 1uzfe swap into my 79 ski nautique. Its currently running a 351w and velvet drive. The big problem is that the motor is reverse rotation, so im not sure if i can still use the velvet drive?

Ok so my first round of questions is this:

I would like to use the stock computer, my big concern is o2 sensors. will it just run rich if i dont use them? or are there watercooled manifolds that allow the use of them?

What modifications are required to bolt the velvet drive up? Do i need a custom bellhousing and flywheel? Is it possible to make an adapter plate for the stock bellhousing or is it too long? Also i have read that people have adapted the 3sgte flywheel in cars, is this possible for a boat?

Thanks in advance for the help!
The Velvet drive will work in either rotation. You will need to chsnge the orientation of the pump on the front of the transmission. RH and LH marks are cast into the pump housing.

The watercooled sensors are a problem if you are running 'wet' pipes (water injected into the exhaust pipes) The sensors will not tollerate any moisture on them, I toasted a $350 Motec sensor in 5 minutes.
I have an artermarket ECU put a 'dry' pipe on when I an tuning, so that I can use an exhaust sensor for tuning.
Not sure If you can 'trick' the factory computer into working without the O2 sensors. Try posting this question in the ECU section.
Rollco Marine would know about fitting the velvet drive to your engine.
hallj - thanks for the info on the velvet drive ill have a look and see if i can see the markings.

quadcam boat - that was my concern about the o2 sensors

rustnrot - very interested PM coming your way. Would take the lot but postage to Australia will be a killer!!
doogs, you probably saw I have a bellhousing that will fit the 1UZ engine and also a velvet drive, and other marine trans. I also have a new take-off 1:1 ZF/Hurth transmission from another Toyota marine engine. It is specially marked Hurth Toyota as it is designed with a special high speed pump to withstand the high rpms of the engine (6000). It is a much newer design than a velvet drive and weighs alot less in its aluminum case. I would imagine it and the bellhousing would be about 70 lbs shipping weight.
does anyone know of a bellhousing to suit an alpha 1 sterndrive to a 1UZFE? or can a mercruiser one be modified?
Ouch,that's a tough one. I think you would have to use a Toyota bell housing and weld the ears on that mount to the transom bracket.

Maybe someone else knows?