1UZ Wooden Boat

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Sydney, Australia
Hi Guys,
Here's a link for a cool 1UZ woodie I found on you tube. I'm trying to get in touch with the guy at the moment as I'm wanting to put a 1UZ in my wooden boat too. You'll probably be hearing a lot more from me over the next year....

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I ended up getting hold of the guy. I think he is using the standard ECU.
I've just about finished my 1UZ boat setup. Just waiting on custom bell housing. I'm running a wolf 3D....


nice! i was hoping to pull my 351 cleveland out this winter and put a 1u with a supercharger on it and run it through my argo with 17% step up, have you got any pics of your setup? or any sort of right up? are you running a O2 sensor? and how did you tune it/plan on tuning it?
how are you driving it any sort of clutch? or direct drive?

thanks in advance

Hey Craig,
That'll go awesome supercharged! I've seen you-tube footage of supercharger 1UZ setups in boats and they work brilliantly.
My setup will be through a Velvet Drive ( I like having reverse), although I think I may actually make a direct drive setup as well if I feel like a bit of speed... Not finished the setup yet but I think I will have an 02 sensor just after one of the manifolds. I'm hoping to get a map good enough to run the engine with only a minor amount of tweaking required. I have spoken to the guys at Wolf and they reckon they can come up with something pretty good. I'll get some photos once I have the bell housing and gearbox mounted and I'll post them up.