1uz vvti starts and cuts out

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Hi guys, i just built a 1uzvvti into a ford ranger, engine starts and cuts out, if i spray into the intake it continues to run. I have determined that it cuts the injector pulse.
Now this ecu came from a running 1uzvvti that ran bearings, it is a rear loom ecu so i got a rear loom, with the relay and fuse box and the pigtails for ignition start and so on.
Can there be something in the loom that causes the ecu to cut injection pulse?
I can not pull fault codes, no Te1 terminal in the diagnostic socket
must be immobilizer

pull the codes first
try reading before posting
Hey there George, I’m sorry to jump in, I’m new here but happen to read a post that you were part of where you mentioned how it possible to “fix” the immobilizer in a 1997 Lexus LS 400. I’m hoping to delete it completely if possible. Im seriously in a bind with this. I’m trying every option to find someone or find the info that would let me do this. Thank you. Adam.