1UZ TT MK3 from Germany Dyno

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Oldenburg, Germany
Hey Guys,

I'm Alex from germany and I have built a MK3 with 1UZ twin turbo.
Last weekend I was on a DynoJet first time and I want to show you my results if you are interested.

In advance here some specs:
(At this point many thanks David (Lextreme) for your help and support!!!)

- 1UZ with Ross Pistons (ceramic and teflon coated) Lextreme
- H-Beam rods with L19 ARP Bolts (Lextreme)
- ARP Head- and Main Stuts (Lextreme)
- ACL Bearings (Lextreme)
- Stock Heads and Intake (except valve springs; 2JZ-GTE valve springs)
- 550cc RC Injectors
- Stock fuel rail
- Fuelab FPR
- TIAL 50mm BOV
- Custom Manifolds (mild steel) T28
- 2x GT2871R turbos (int. Wastegate)
- Custom Turboback Exhaust (3,5")
- R154 Tranny with 1UZ Bellhousing and custom adapter
- 2JZ-GTE HKS Twin-Plate Clutch (custom hub that fit the R154 input shaft, 1UZ starter ring)
- Fuidyne radiator
- Custom Intercooler (Bell Intercooler Core 27.5"x12"x4.5")
- AEM EMS (Universal)
- MSD Blaster SS Coils (8207)

There are two runs. The first run is with 0.9 bar of boost. The second with 1.2 bar.
Fuel: 100 octan (ROZ), I think it's like your 94 octan in the USA ((ROZ+MOZ)/2).

@0.9 bar: 483 whp @ 5.3k rpm; 704Nm @ 4k rpm
@1.2 bar: 515 whp @ 6.2K rpm; 800Nm @ 4.2k rpm

I had problems with knock between 4.2k and 5.8k in the second run with 1.2 bar. But I'm not sure if it was really knock. I run the engine very rich (10-10.5 AFR) so it could be that it was rich knock. I can add a picture of the AEM log if you are interested.
Because of knock retard (8°) the result isn't what it should be. Theoretically I should see 550whp @ 5.3k @ 1.2bar without knock.

If somebody is interested in the DynoJet file (you can open it with WinPEP7) I can send it via email...

I think (or hope ;) ) with some fine tuning and with a leaner AFR there are some hidden hp.
Maybe we can discuss my ignition map, too. (I'm very interested in your IGN Maps! ;) )

Next year we should see some higher numbers after I upgraded the fuel system and can turn up the boost. Then with E85...

Reviews, objections and suggestions are welcome!



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Alex, welcome to Lextreme and congratulations on some impressive engine work!

What's the story with that first photo? It was posted in the past by another member named Jibbby.
Sorry guys,

but there is something strange with that first picture. :eek:
I never add it to my post. Very strange! Is it possible to clear that picture?

But many thanks cribbj!

Alex, welcome to Lextreme and congratulations on some impressive engine work!

What's the story with that first photo? It was posted in the past by another member named Jibbby.
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Hey David,

no problem. This forum inspired me to do that 1UZ TT swap instead of a 2JZ-GTE. And you, David, were the first person I asked for help and I got the address of Gazi Ali and the story goes on.
It was a long long way and a lot of work but today I'm very happy that I did it. ;) I love this low end torque monster!

Is there somebody who can tell me how much torque can handle the R154 tranny?
Speeedy great work! Welcome to the forum and I love your numbers. Looks like Lextreme hooked you up well, and you put it together well. Lets see a video....:)

Oh, I think this would be the correct place to open a new thread:
V8 Supra Swap ;)

Yes, please do open a thread there and share your project, I'm sure many members would love seeing the work that went into this fantastic build :D
...nice numbers and build !
Good to see that with upgraded springs 7000+ rpm is possible...
Stock cams seem to perform until 4500 rpm (as in other boosted 1UZ graphs) and somehow 550 rwhp (given the % lost in the gearing) is a max value.
More info please....:D
...why not post it here...i am sure many in this community can benefit from it...We havent got our final ignition map ready, just on the safe side until I did the running in...
Screenshots will also do...

Thx !
ok, you are right. I will post it in the forum. But is this thread the right one? Shouldn't we open a new one where we all can post our maps, so everyone who is interested can find them? My map is still a startup, too. I think there is some potential. ;)