1992 1uz in 1996 sc400

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I have put a 92 1uz from sc400 into my 1996 sc400 using 96 harness and ecu. I transferred over parts to make it work, manifold, cross member fuel rail throttle body etc etc. car cranks very healthy good compression has fuel but zero communication to ecu with scan tool. Will not start only crank. Ecu shows it’s present by CEL illuminated on dash but will not start. Giving ground to ignitors to activate coils still won’t fire. Signal issue of some sort im not sure. Everything plumbed all fuses good all connectors good wires are fine everything is good plug and play at this point. I’m lost at this point, everything worked perfectly but I throw in this engine and it won’t fire. Engine is healthy guessing signal issue with ecu. Let me know if I need anything else or what I should do any input is good. I’m hearing I might need to buy a 92 Ignitor module as well.


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Did you swap the engine loom as well?

If not I'd try that.

Sounds like you have matched the ECU to the Sensors but what connects them isn't doing it's job, as it isnt the same as the original engine had.
We used all old shit so it will be plug and play basically put everything that was on the original 96 onto the 92 engine. You’re saying I need to purchase a 1992 harness and ecu to match the engine right
Sorry for slow response, been away.

If you used the same engine loom that was in the car and ECU it should run.

I know there are different igniter modules between different models but if you keep all the 96 sensors, loom and igniters I can't see why it won't run.

I'm guessing a missed ground could be the problem.