'06 IS350 engine swap with 1/2/3UR-FE

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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My '06 Lexus IS350 has recently been diagnosed with some transmission issues regarding the clutch solenoid. I also have had the rattling of my timing chain for months now. Got an estimate on a transmission fix and engine repair, but that's not what i plan on doing. I did some research and found that swapping out the 2GR-FE engine/transmission, with a 1/2/3UR-FE engine/transmission is a doable option. I don't know what I would be getting myself into regarding engine specific parts, new mountings, electrics, etc. Haven't found any page or forum with this kind of build. I'd like to stick with the lexus branded engines, because they're reliable and cheap to get.
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From ECU perspective, 1ur-fse off gs460 (190 chassis) has best chances. I've done a couple gs300 => 460 conversions, gs350 isn't any harder or easier to do