engine swap

  1. G

    '06 IS350 engine swap with 1/2/3UR-FE

    My '06 Lexus IS350 has recently been diagnosed with some transmission issues regarding the clutch solenoid. I also have had the rattling of my timing chain for months now. Got an estimate on a transmission fix and engine repair, but that's not what i plan on doing. I did some research and found...
  2. G

    1UZ into Range Rover Classic

    I’m looking into doing a swap into a 92 Range Rover Classic with a 1UZ FE using the current ZF 4HP22 transmission. I have a found a conversion kit from Dellows Conversions in Sydney, and was hoping to get a bit more info on doing the swap. I had a look around the forum and noticed there was a...
  3. wrenchtech

    New Guy Considering a 1UZ Swap Into a 1993 Toyota Xtra Cab 4x4 Pickup

    The truck started out life with a 3VZE 3.0 V6 and an R150F manual transmission. The engine was not running when I bought the truck. It turned out to have a couple of broken rods and a hole in the block. I picked up two different used 3VZE engines with the hope that I could find one good one to...
  4. J

    3uz-fe engine swap throwing b2799 code

    I'm transplanting a 3uz-fe from 2002 Japanese Celsior into 1996 Australian Toyota Hilux. Wired everything up and she turns over but stops immediately and then wont turn over til I turn ignition off and on again. Checked techstream and its throwing usual codes for missing shifter etc as I'm...
  5. A

    2uz-fe swap into a 1962 fj40 landcruiser

    I am wondering if anyone has any info or experience swapping a 2uz into an old FJ40 Landcruiser? I have a 1962 FJ40 Landcruiser that I would like to swap the 2uz engine out of my Tundra into but can find no reference to such an endeavor. Does or has anyone seen or know of such a swap previously?
  6. T

    Range Rover classic 1uz vvti swap

    Hi There guys, I was wondering if I could get some insight and pro knowledge on my newly started project I've just started rebuilding the rr classic 3 door for hunting, with the engine of choice being the famous 1uz vvti. I'm new to the 1uz family but have a friend helping me with the build...