1. O

    Lexus LS400 Shift Points

    I Have A 1992 Lexus LS400 With Around 98,500 Miles, And I Was On A Hill One Day, A Pretty Steep One, And I Decided To Do The First Full Acceleration With Kick Down. It Pulled Up To About 5850 According To The Tach (Sounded Around There Too) And It Shifted. This Confused Me Because All The...
  2. blazer3011

    Sc400 auto transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm hope someone can help me out cause I can't find any info anywhere. My sc400 1uz auto needed a new auto fitted, so I brought one out of a soarer 1uz thinking they would be the same, but there is one plug on the auto at the left rear (think it's the shift solenoid) that is different...
  3. G

    Very weird electrical issues

    Hello everyone: I currently have a 90 LS400 with a mysterious code 42 (speed sensor 1). I have replaced the speed sensor, instrument cluster and ECU with no avail. Current symptoms are: Code 42 (O/D light blinking) Dead speedometer Dead Odometer Dead trip meter Gasoline smell Very sluggish...
  4. 77highlux

    1UZ auto bellhousing needed

    Blew three half dollar sized holes in mine doing donuts when something inside let go. Yet to find out, zip is 11206, Brooklyn NY.
  5. O

    2wd R154 to 4WD?

    I'm wanting to do a1uz swap like all the awesome people here. My issue is I'm trying To locate my parts. I've found a R154 from a 89 supra. Can it be converted to a 4wd for 1989 4runner or would it be better to just find one from a truck? Please help.
  6. A

    That annoying 1st gear surge

    My car is a 95 SC400 with about 137K on it. After reading a number of threads on here, I've notice people have a variety of ways of attacking that annoying surge at 1st gear that really kills your 0-60 time. What are the best ways of dealing with this problem that you have all found? The...
  7. M

    WTB - 1UZ Auto Bellhousing

    Name: Mike O'Brien Location: Donahue, IA 52746 Contact: PM, or gibsonfenderguy2 "at" Payment: Paypal Hey guys, As the title says, I need an auto bellhousing to complete my w58 swap onto a purchased motor that did not come with one. Let me know if anyone is close, I can drive...
  8. K

    R154 Transmission for sale

    No longer for sale on forum. Moderators delete.