1. S

    Approaching first start on rebuilt 2UZ with Link ECU

    I've finally got my 4Runner motor back after dropping a valve on my rebuilt 2UZ. I did go with the heavier Kelford springs for the 208-B cams at Kelford's recommendation. I also added 650cc injectors and higher capacity fuel pump. I also added a Link G4X ecu and wired it in piggybacked with the...
  2. D

    Link Ecu

    Just few questions about the link plug-in TS2JZX ECUs Has anyone used one? First up, will it run a 1UZ? The specs suggest it will with anything up to COP and full Sequential injection. Does the Link TS2JZX Plug in fit a Soarer/SC400 ecu case? Is there much repinning the ECU plugs needed to make...
  3. I

    AFR varying between banks - A problem?

    Hi, I am currently fitting and early (1992) 1UZ-Fe into a kit car to replace a Rover V8 and have found that the AFR is different between the two banks when carrying out the initial fuel set up. The engine is out of a Soarer and has had a COP upgrade using Honda K20 coils and is controlled by...
  4. C

    stand alone, piggyback and stock ecu what have you used with success?

    Im debating on what kind of engine management to run. I will be running 7 psi on my engine. I am curious to hear some success stories. What engine management have you used and had good luck with.
  5. M

    Standalone ECU Aftermarket ECU Reccomendation

    Hi, I am planning on using an aftermarket ECU with my 1UZFE (LS400) Powerplant. At the same time will be doing a conversion to Manual to get wrid of the automatic gearbox, hence the reason for not using the OEM ECU. Locally in my country there are a number of ECUs available. Ranging from...
  6. THOR Racing

    Standalone ECU Link ECU

    THOR Racing is able to supply, fit and tune Link XLEM ECUs to run the 1/2/3UZ-FE. (fit and tune over in the UK of course) We can also get versions which can run the VVTi and the E-Throttle on the 4.3 3UZ-FE versions and more modern engines. Here is the spec of the ECU. {broken link removed}...
  7. 1UZ-HZ

    Link Engine Management "Knock Link"

    Hey guys, do you think its possible to interface a Knock Link to the original knock sensors on the 1uz