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I am planning on using an aftermarket ECU with my 1UZFE (LS400) Powerplant. At the same time will be doing a conversion to Manual to get wrid of the automatic gearbox, hence the reason for not using the OEM ECU. Locally in my country there are a number of ECUs available. Ranging from Gothech, Spitronics, Dicktator.

Is there anyone on this forum that has used one of there before with a 1UZFE? or do you know of a better ECU that I should be looking at?

Base-maps, Wiring Diagrams etc will also be usefull to look at in making a final choice on ECU.



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Can't comment on any of the ECU's you mentioned, however several of us here are using the AEM, as well as the Link G3 Plus. One of our members here is a former factory engineer for AEM and is developing a PnP application for the SC400.

I think the more important decision to make is to find a tuner that you can have complete confidence in, and who will be there when you need him, then go with the ECU that he knows and recommends. Obviously, if there are no AEM's in SA, it probably wouldn't be a good choice for you, regardless of how popular it is elsewhere.

The UZ has the firing order of a Chevy, and uses a 12 tooth crank trigger wheel with a reluctor pickup. There are also single tooth cam trigger wheels which also use reluctors. So nearly any ECU which can accommodate variable reluctor (VR) type pickups should work.

Personally, I would choose an ECU that has full sequential (8) injection outputs, and at minimum (4) ignition outputs so you can get rid of the 1UZ's distributors and do a crank triggered, waste spark ignition. These aren't the only considerations, however an ECU with these capabilities should have the other requisite I/O.

Ive been looking for Ecu's to run my strip only engine...
There is hardly any Ecu's that run 8 ignition drivers!!
So its either wasted spark and some ignition box to increase spark..
I have heard REAL bad things about AEM as far as coils etc go...
I have confidence in one tuner but the ECU that has 8 drivers he doesn't like...Other than using an original equip ECU and use some sort of edit to tune ?? Is an option I'm looking at?? Like the G.M / Ford Ecu's...
Tuners are welcome to chime in here..
The AEM CDi ignition has had serious QA/QC problems, both in its initial form and 2nd revision. Remains to be seen whether the next revision will cure its ills or not. It sure wouldn't be on my short list of ignition boxes to consider.

Concerning the AEM EMS, I've had mine installed since 2004 and have had no issues with the quality of construction, etc.

IMO, the main problem AEM have had with their EMS is that anybody can buy one and install it, and has full, unrestricted access to all the maps and settings. So in the hands of most owners, it's like handing a monkey a loaded shotgun.....

I must admit that after 4 years with this ECU I thought I knew a "few" things about tuning it, but until I saw Mitch Pederson in action, I didn't realise how little I knew, nor how incapable other "tuners" were with it.

It all comes down to your tuner. If you really like a certain ECU, but he doesn't, then every little thing that he can't figure out is going to become a "problem", just because it's different.
Try this website. 8 drivers for fuel and 8 for spark on the plus model. Lots of inputs and outputs and they also do the VVt-i options for 1uz and lots of other engines. One really good feature is they can be configured to any engine by a operator with a laptop and internet accessable software. We fit heaps to lots of different vehicles and always get awesome results. A supercharged 1uz left our workshop the other day. Feel free to ask questions , cheers
At this stage my new engine will have an Autronic ECU but I can't say I'm happy with the wasted spark idea.

My engine builder likes Autronic as does someone I respect highly (and who knows more about ECU's than most mortals) but I just don't feel it is the right path to follow.

Perhaps it's time to look at the Link?
I know alot of people dont like the wasted spark but why?
Having had bikes for years, alot of them use wasted spark including the old susuki gsx750/1100's which ive seen rev to 13000rpm
I know wasted spark works well but I still don't really like it. I find individual coils easier to work with and much neater to fit. The latest generation of link ecus are heaps better than the old ones. Easy to work with. I am lucky as I have helped them out with diagrams ( 1uz stepper wiring and base settings) and some ideas on how to improve customer service so they are really helpful to me. Aside from that the product really is a great package. I road tune first and then finish on the dyno and get excellant all round results. We did a plug in setup on a RB20det and the customer got more power and better fuel ecomomy than the standard computer. The supercharged 1uz we used the Linkplus as a manual shift controler for the transmission. Cheers
I know alot of people dont like the wasted spark but why?
Having had bikes for years, alot of them use wasted spark including the old susuki gsx750/1100's which ive seen rev to 13000rpm

Have a look at Bosch's thoughts on waste spark:

Waste spark is OK as long as you don't have any exhaust with unburnt fuel, or a fresh intake charge in your manifolds. That combination, with waste spark ignition can produce a big boom, AMHIK.
The new linkplus G4 has the ability to run VVT-i on 4 camshafts. They are already running the 4 cam Variable system on subarus. Some decoding info would be required but they have the ability.

Matt - Yet to dyno the supercharged set up and not allowed to photograph it yet as per customers instructions. Cheers
I'm not bagging Link as anything to with Possum Bourne I would respect big time..
I asked my tuner about Link and his words where the earlier Links where atrocious to tune..
Be careful.... Some COP can also be wasted spark or wasted spark can run on coil on plug.. This type of ignition helps clear plugs if there has been a rich cold start fouling issues.. Also good on turbo applications with some anti lag... As exhaust ignition ignites rich mixture, spinning turbine big time.. Also helps with emissions..
Autronic have very good ignition box's I would use them to incease spark... M&W is another good ignition system.. So good in fact that Motec use them with there own name on them plus $$ ....
Early links were good for the time but the new series (g3 and newer) are very easy to work with. Again we all have our perferences. The biggest thing is finding a tuner who knows what he is doing with his product. Cheers