fuel pump

  1. EIL_V8

    Fuel pump won't work - but works when 12V applied from battery.

    Hi again guys, I have another problem with my UZZ31 if you could lend some advice. Here's the issue: One day the car refused to fire. Cranks but won't fire. No fuel delivery. Swapping the main relay with the dimmer relay does nothing. Other fuses seem good in engine bay... Applying a cable...
  2. C

    1993 Lexus LS400 kills fuel pumps every month

    What the title says. I'm about to install the third fuel pump in this thing. I took out the one that came with it (Toyota branded) because it felt a bit weak, but otherwise had no real issues. The replacement, a Spectra fuel pump with kit and strainer, lasted about three months before finally...
  3. D

    Fuel pump not turning on

    Im not sure what is going on but I have tired the folowing -Fuel ECU Bypass = nothing -diagnostic port bypass = nothing -efi relay replaced = nothing -direct 12v = turns on I am now tempted to just wire in a 87a relay and be done with it all but would...