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    Non immobilized 1UZ VVTi, 3UZ ECUs

    Are you still offering these? Can you do anything about emissions for use USDM guys? IE delete it?
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    2uz non vvti block with 2uz vvti block

    I have been searching and reading everything I can. I have seen the threads regarding non vvti 1uz blocks and 1uz vvti heads. There are oiling issues as far as how oil enters the heads for the cams and vvti actuator. I'm wondering if there is a difference between the 2uz non vvti block and...
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    2UZ plastic intake on 1UZ-VVTi

    awesome! id love to see it
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    2UZ plastic intake on 1UZ-VVTi

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm interested in running a vvti 1uz intake on my 2uz. I'm wondering if the 1uz injectors will flow similar to the 2uz version
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    wtb 89-94 1uz rods

    Looking for a set of 89-94 1uz rods. Must be in decent shape. Please pm me if you have a complete set of 8.
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    1st Gen Tacoma w/ 2uz and R150- Lots of codes

    hmmmm.... Ok so how do you program that thing to produce the correct sign wave? and I assume I would need to know how to build a simple circuit board.... Also it looks as though the "chip" needs a trigger signal to know when to make the signal. I know very little about building or programming...
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    1st Gen Tacoma w/ 2uz and R150- Lots of codes

    I have heard of people talking about that swap, but I have never seen it before. I also dont have a transmission to take apart and take parts from. FSM states that any resistance range between 79ohms and 156K ohms. So anything within that range should be fine. I dont have an auto trans to...
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    1st Gen Tacoma w/ 2uz and R150- Lots of codes

    I have a 99 Tacoma with an 02 2uz, and R150 Manual trans. My truck has been running since Dec. It is AWESOME!! I live in the states and my truck has to pass annual inspection. This means no CEL, and no stored codes. Currently I dont have thing wired in for the transmission. I do have the...
  9. Y's R154 to 1uz adaptor install

    My adapter (and the rest of the kit) showed up Tuesday! The adapter looks AWESOME. It fits nice and will make life SOOO much nicer! Im a few months away from actually putting the kit to work, but once I do I will let you guys know how awesome it is!! :D
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    1UZFE TO W58 in a Hotrod

    you have to change a setting under your User CP for the pictures to show for you. User CP > Edit Options > Thread Display Options > Check the box "Show Pictures".
  11. Y's R154 to 1uz adaptor install

    OK So I have question about setting the gap between the throwout bearing and pressure plate. Some hydro throwout bearings use shims, Is that now how the T56 throwout works? Is all that taken care of with the adapter plate? :confused:
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    1uz MX83 and 87 Toy pickup dual build

    Man your truck is awesome! good luck keeping rear tires on it. :D You ever come down into NC?
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    W59 come in both a 2wd and 4wd flavor. The W59 comes behind the 4cyl the R150 comes behind the v6 engines. There are 2wd and 4wd flavors in those also.
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    99 4runner 2UZ-FE conversion

    Nice build!!! I would really like to look over your 4runner. I live near you. Pm sent! Great work!!!:D:D
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    Well I was planning to upgrade My 99 Tacoma so I could pull My wheeling rig. (87 4runner) however it seems that in my state, no matter the mods, Legally my truck can only tow what the sticker says... aka 3500lbs. I realllly like the idea of a V8 Tacoma. I love my truck, and will have it till...