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  • Hi! I'm from Russia and got a little problem finding out how to wire 1UZ ECU (89661-3A080) to my Toyota Cresta GX100, the main thing is that I've got no plug for 28P on ECU, the second- I don't have any wiring diagram, would appreсiate any help. My e-mail is [email protected], please help or tell where can I get that help. Thanx in advance!
    gday. got a question. is it possible at all to use a hiace manual behind a 1UZ? will the bellhousing bolt up or do i need an adapter plate with the UZ bellhousing?
    Simple answer is no for JDM spec engines. Some UK and US spec UCF20 cars had immobiliser in 1997/98. I have never looked for factory manuals as I have never needed them. I have written a set of conversion instructions and am working on a preparation sheets which would help you. Im going to be doing a special for converison and prep instructions for $150. Contact my workshop to buy a set. [email protected] Cheers kelvin
    hi and i know some one else bugging you . but i will be buying parts off you very soon just as soon as i buy engines . i only have one question i have some concerns about buying the two engines i need for my surf and my mates and that is if i buy two 1uzfe engines with part numbers ( 89661-50240 and built date from 1994 - 1997 is do thay have the immobiliser system . i have been looking for this info for months and the only info i can find is you ...i wonder if i can buy the factory toyota manuals ( you know the blue factory ones ) i have some mates that work in the timaru one
    G'day Gloverman!

    I currently have a 1UZFE vvti engine in my 1992 4runner (auto), it's ready to go but has an immobiliser system on it so refuses to start, I 've been at this conversion for over a year and half now so any advice / help on how to get my engine running would be very appreciated, thanks!
    Hi Gloverman.I want to buy a secondhand 1996 mod Prado, 3.4 lit,5vz motor,chassis E-vzj95w-0004847,transmission is A343F. I would like to fit a uz motor in this prado, question? Which one wil be the best and easiest to fit.Engines are available from South Africa. Is it worth it, the v6 has done 200 000 km plus. Regards. Deon Jansen. Zambia.My e-mail adress, [email protected] .
    Hi Gloverman.My name is Graeme, I am in Brisbane Australia. How much are your kits to do conversion of the 1uz-fe into 1998 Toyota prado 3.4 5 speed manual.And what should i bee looking at when purchasing the engine.Do you know any sources.Thanks Graeme
    [email protected]
    Hi mate can you tell me the price of the 1uz front can gears.I already have the scissor gears.can you still fit the rotor button
    Hi I am wanting to get some help with an E28 BMW + 1UZFE conversion, you mentioned one of your "customers" had done this, can I call you to discuss? I am Based in Auckland NZ
    Hello Gloveman
    Thankyou for your reply , Yes i have 26 pins , its all wired except for the VA and 1 other wire im not sure of , ( maybe temp switch )
    Im guessing now that the VA pin is different to the normal TPS VTA pin .
    The 3 wires im stuck on are pin 6 = VA ? pin 14 = DG check connector ?
    and pin 17 ? temp switch ?
    If the VA pin comes direct from the 2 LTE ecu then i will need to reproduce that signal
    I would have just used the cressida ECT unit with the old school throttle sensor that outputs the L1 L2 L3 direct too it but the TPS is quite large and im sure the shift pattern would not suit the 1KD .
    The reason i used the LJ 78 ECT is it appeared to just use the single VA signal so i could use the conventional 4 pin TPS.
    thanks again
    Hello Gloverman
    Im Dave from Melb Aus , Im trying to use a LJ78 ECT ecu to run the auto in standalone in my KZJ 78 with a 1KD-FTE .
    Im wondering do you have the ect diagrams or at least the location of 4 wires of the ect wiring , . Its all wired except for the kickdown and TPS . Ive guessed the VA pin is like a VTA pin for the TPS but when fed with a normal 0/5 volt signal it doesnt respond . This ecu does not give a VC 5 v out , i asumed it gets it from the engine ecu ? I used the 1KD VC 5 lots signal .
    The auto shift pattern is too quick and no kickdown .
    Im more than happy to pay for your time or even the diagram .
    Ive tried to nut it out to the best of my searching but as i dont have a LJ 78 to check i need someones help .
    hey there im halfway through a 1991 hiace lexus conversion and have hit a problem with finding a in line fuel pump what psi do i nees to run with a standared 1uz as the 1 i have purchased only puts out 3-4psi 2L a miute any help would be good cheers
    hi gloverman

    i am in the usa and looking at doing the 1uzfe to keep it toyota rather then the chevy swap. i would like to know if you make motor mounts so i do not need a body lift or maybe i can do a 4 inch suspension lift for the sump clearance. i have a 1991 4runner auto (want to keep it auto with a inchworm prerunner adaptor). i looked on trade me and found you but did not see any custom sump prices if that is what is needed. i do plan on doing the straight axle swap but would only do it sooner if it would keep me from doing the body lift. im going back and forth between a 3.4l with the trd s/c, i can get it done for 4500.00 total (that includes engine) but would like the v8 and stronger trans.
    if you can shoot me a price and some idea of shipping that would be great, i am in seattle washington (zip code 98034)

    thank you

    Hello Tim

    Which van? Ive done a few. I have worked on a few hot rods. The 1uz work well. Best if you buy a complete motorbox package with full ECU , airflow and ignitors from the same vehicle. Getting a cut loom and starting from scratch causes lots of headaches and will cost you about 3 times as much to get right. Theres not much that gets cut out when running auto. With a full loom its quite simple to get them to ran well. I wire looms for around $1200-$1400 on the bench. If you have never wired one before expect to spend around 20-25 hours to do the job. There are plenty of wiring diagrams avaliable depending on which ecu you get. Each ECU rans for a couple of years then toyota changed them so getting the correct ecu is important.
    I would suggest a front sump motor as these are the most common at the moment and get a nice low km one. Any other info just ask or email me on [email protected] cheers Kelvin
    Hi Gloverman
    im going to put one of these toyota v8s in a t bucket im building, i realy have no experience in these modern computer controlled engines, i would like to ask a few questions to get me started on the right track.
    im not into major hp or modifications i just want a stock engine thats reliable, there are several models being sold on trade me, i would also like to use the transmission that most come with.
    whats a good choice of engine? is rewireing them in simple form (less ac pump, power steering pump) possible? is the cut loom a problem, im guessing i will not need a fair amount of the factory wireing so i would think starting fresh with just the basics to get the engine running would suit me best, is there a wireing diagram for doing this with the factory computer. proably the application that closest resembles what im trying to do is the toyota v8s installed in jetboats.any advice would be great.
    cheers tim (ps like the van conversion you did)
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