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  • so basically you want the complete kit. adaptor plate, hydraulic bearing adaptor, lines, hydraulic throwout bearing and pilot bearing?
    you cut the stock sleeve off as the t56 hyd. bearing has it's own sleeve.
    I have a stock corolla unit 5/8 bore I will be running a stage three clutch kit for the 3vze an yes a good deal but I also need the clutch slave, please understand I am not trying to low ball you I just want to know if there is a kit price for this also is there any modification required or does it just slip over the sleeve of the output shaft?
    the plate is 75$ and the line kit is 125$ Awesome I say lol...
    for the rest of the questions call me, it can get kind of complicated when it comes to clutch combos. I've found some are better than others, and I have several solutions to the different problems that arise when using different clutches and different clutch masters from different vehicles. Some move more volume of fluid than others. If yours doesn't move enough fluid you'll need to upgrade to a cnc or willwood unit. Which runs about 100$ plus making an adaptor.
    Hey man I am interested in the Hydraulic throw-out bearing, adapter plate, and lines is there any way I can get a super awesome price for a kit? I am running a 3vze flywheel and clutch/pressure plate combo do I need to purchase a separate to bellhousing to cut open and verify engagement. This is going into a corolla and one I put it together I don't want to have to take it apart as I will have to drop the subframe to remove and install the transmission once clutch is installed. I have been trying to rearrange my budget constantly to get things so I just want to nail a good price down.
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