Welcome Supra Owners


Just call me "Lex"
I just want to say "Welcome Supra Owners" to our humble and down to earth forum. I am so flattered that you high power car owners are looking into the V8 Swap.

I love to learn more from you guys. We can share info and help out each other.

cowboy bebop

Very much looking into the swap, Lextreme. :) I am really enjoying the information on these forums, and really like the level of knowlege here.



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Same here. This site is exactly what I was looking for to help me out with this project! Lots of great information put together in one place.



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I think that you can say "Welcome" to Soarer owners as well ;)
Great info, which helps me. UZZ21 project is initiated ;)


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Can't believe how well the 1UZ Supra section has taken off!

I'd love to add some more 1UZ Supras to my site if anyone is interested.


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awsome sit!!! had a mk3 turbo that got wrecked awhile back. been into 240sx's ever since. now its time to get back to my roots. just picked up an 87 n/a hardtop for $250, I really want to do a supercharged 1uz and set it up for my track car.


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im looking to do a 1uz swap in my 1986.5 targa 5spd n/a. this site is the only place where i have found information regarding the swap, so naturally i love it already. also i am going to school to be a toyota/lexus tech, so that's another reason i love this site! thanx to all the contributors and i look forward to using this site to one day put a 1gz-fe in my poopra! thanx!