Water Methanol Injection


Blown 1UZ300ZX
Anyone using water meth injection on your blown 1UZ.
If you are, could you please give some info on your setup.
What frequency are you PWM the pump?
What nozzle are you using and what parameters are you using to bring it in? (ie, boost, tps, rpm etc)


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I ran water/meth when I had my supercharged 1UZ.

I used a Snow system (pump, nozzles and controller but my own tank) and it came on at 5psi of boost.

I think the nozzle was around 350ccç mix of 50/50 w/m.

I didn't use PWM as I used Snow's controller.

I sold the engine as 45l/100ks was limiting how far I could drive it. My mates Semi-Trailer used less fuel, and the car was un-drivable due to the power, Mud Terrain tyres and 600+HP don't mix well.


Blown 1UZ300ZX
Thanks for your info Zuffen. My system is a cooling mist pump (200PSI) and tank with a snow 375ml nozzle. I'm plan to bring the system on around the 5 - 6lb boost with a few other parameters mixed in the map that will affect when it comes on, like IAT above 60 and road speed above 110Kms. These parameters all blended into the map. The idea is so the system is not running under normal cruise otherwise I'll need that big tank.
I'm using a Wolf V550 output set up as a multi-controller so the primary map is 3D with some 2D maps. The output switches a DC-DC Solid State Relay that switches the pump. The SSR will handle PWM output from the V550 planning to PWM @ around 50-100Hz. My real objective here is to try and get my IAT down from around 110 degrees C. One or 2 squirts @ WOT and the IAT is off the planet. I'm also hopeful we can pull a little fuel out of it and add a little more timing which might give me a few more kila wasps.


Blown 1UZ300ZX
One other thing for any one who may read this thread and wonder about a fail safe. The system will also have a safety mechanism should the tank run low on boost juice. I've wired the tank fluid level float into the only spare input that I had left over. The external Map sensor input has a pull up resistor to 5V and switches to Gnd when the fluid level is low. The software will compensate to the low level and not add extra timing and pull fuel.... Well that's the plan. I have to get back on the dyno and map it in.
We all know its easy to come up with an idea, its can be a lot harder to make that plan idea work.