Upper Inlet Manifold Cad File

Hi All,
Don't know where I saw it but there was a cad file of the top flange for a 1UZ-FE flange, I am talking about the split from the lower an upper manifold (the one you would bolt a supercharger to)

Many Thanks

Not mounting a blower, I am looking at a turbo manifold, I know there was one on V-eight but the site is down (long term).
Just looking at a flange to build up from.

Hi All
Got a full set of cad drawings, bottom flange a top flange, lid and 4 small trumpet flanges, all for $20, not bad. will be at the cutters tuesday to get them cut in 6mm ally.
Pictures to follow

At the shop being cut, should pick it up next week with the lower flange, have 2 sets of Hayabusa 1000r5 throttle bodys so next weel should be able to look at this starting this project.