UK tundra 2uzfe blown :( help please guys


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Hey guys,, I've searched and searched and can't find the answer I need,, basically in a nutshell,, I drove through water in my tundra gen 2 , in the UK floods,, and it sucked up water and now got a hole in the block. Being in the UK it's hard work to get a 2uz vvti.engine,,, there's plenty over your side of pond,, but with the current crisis am I gonna get one through? If I did it's gonna be about £3000,,, I can pick up a non vvti engine from Japan delivered in 7 days apparently for £1200,,,

So......pistons I've found through research are different,, but is the block the same? That's the question,,,, can I buy a cheaper and more available non vvti block and get some aftermarket vvti pistons and rods,, which to me would be money better spent anyway.

So far I have stripped down to the passenger side head is off and looks ok to me,, next would be to get the other head off


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Our member JustenGT8 once tried to convert a non-VVTi 1UZ block t/b a VVTi block so he could use some VVTi heads, etc. I recall that the big difference he found was an oil passage in the VVTi block that the non-VVTi block didn't have. This passage was to power the hydraulics in the VVTi system. I think he also found that certain other ports (maybe coolant?) didn't "quite" match up either. Do a search on his threads and you may find something useful there.


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Cheers mate,, so u think prob same for 2uz eh,, my mate that's the first thing he asked,, where does the vvti get it's oil from,,, in that case I'm prob best just to get the correct engine from usa,, not right now tho with the current shit going on