trans code 61??


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I can not pull up the trouble codes sticky cause my computer is crap!! I have a trans code 61. Can someone tell me what this means???? I also have an engine code 13 which I found out is Knock Control CPU (ECM). (no effect to running, good to resolve) How in the world do I fix this? Thanks in advance.


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i got a friend called google
i asked him about yr problem

he recons code 13 is something to do about timing and cam sensors and dizzy signals
he recons code 13 comes up usually if u put the timing belt on wrong and a cam gear is out 1 or 2 teeth

i then asked him if he would not mind answering another question
he said nar thats cool home boy

so i asked him what code 61 is about
he recons code 61 is to do with the auto
something to do with the speed sensor

if u want i can give u his number so u can call him and chat to him


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Well I have tried google with no such luck that's why I came here to ask knowledgable people to hopefully get a straight answer. Code 13 is the problem that I have stated above that I have managed to find by searching this site. My question on that was how to fix it. I am aware that trans code 61 has to do with the trans but didn't know it was the speed sensor. Thank you though and I appreciate the sarcasim. But if you really have googles number I would like to have it.....