Supercharged 1UZ Bangkok Drag Truck

Thanks again cribbj for the input and cautionary tales. I appreciate it. The engine runs fine with the current set up, [used] ignitors and all. I may look into why they failed when i get back from holiday, but I will replace them with new ignitors in the meantime.

My race car and shop equipment have been sold - paddock given back. Saved a few tools and a lot of good memories after 8 years. Time to move on. The motor and trans will go into a drift car and the chassis will get a rotary and 5-speed. I just do not have the time, energy, or wherewithal to keep after this project in Thailand any more. Thanks to all the Lextreme Members for all your help and interest.


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Jeff, sorry to see you go, but wish you well in all your future endeavors. It's been a pleasure having you here, and a lot of fun reading about your exploits!


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Indeed. Always sad to see a quality project end and be parted out :(

did it ever run a time or just didn't get sorted?


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After all your hard work it's sad to see you walk away.

Put the motor to a good use as they are quite outstanding.

Who else could post a thread where rats ate their wiring?

Cheers and keep us up to date with developments.
My beloved drag race car and shop equipment have been sold, and paddock lease given back. I saved a few tools and a lot of good memories. It was a major lifelong dream of mine, from early childhood, to drag race with a 'real race car' one day. It is almost the only constant in my life of constant change. I spent countless hours imagining every detail of the car I would build and drive one day. I spent countless money on drag racing related books and magazines to educate myself before I eventually fulfilled the dream with this race car. It was very, very difficult to make this dream come true in Thailand and required all my perseverance and patience in the face of not enough quality, timely, or reliable mechanical help available. But still, it was always an adventure to find myself in strange environments while trying to complete race car construction tasks in Bangkok and surrounds. I met a lot of good people and made a lot of good friends through my racing -- but also some cheaters and many posers. Drag racing for me was a very simple thing: the phenomena itself was captivating -- I didn't analyze it, I just enjoyed it as a crazy desire. The noise and the cars are, somehow, Beauty to me. The best compliment I ever received was an American hot rodder who said, when I asked him if he liked my race car, "You built it, you didn't just talk about it." Yes I did. It is by no means my only accomplishment in life, it is only a small accomplishment, but it carried so much meaning to me because, I now believe, it was a positively affirmative answer to the doubts of a youthful self about my own efficacy in the big world. I often said that drag racing was the only high risk behavior that a 60 year old man should be involved in Bangkok. I have many more dreams yet to fulfill, but my "race car attachment" -- what has kept me from being a Once Returner (Sakadagami) this time -- has been satisfied. Thanks for the memories. I happily move on toward my eventual death: the tank shows only 1/4 remains.
I am not feeling too bad about selling my 1UZ drag race truck and giving up my race shop any more. The drag strip and my former shop are now under about a meter of water. I hope the new owners got the race car out in time! There won't be any racing in Thailand for quite a while.



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I read of Thailand is flooded badly. I feel bad for everything overthere. Hopefully, things will be back to normal.