sc400 will only run with my foot on the gas


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ok.... I pulled the heads on my 92 sc400 to replace head gaskets. Put everything back together. It started right up and then went back dead! If I start it and keep my foot on the gas it will stay running which leads me to believe that it is a fuel delivery problem.... What would cause that though??? Any help is much needed. thanks


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As you've had the battery disconnected the computer will have forgotten all its settings.

Try driving it for awhile and it should re-learn all its parameters.


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You guys are very smart but I've already done that more then once. Another toyota guru friend of mine said it may be the timing... I went back and checked it and if it is off it's no more then one tooth. It is sooooo hard to tell on these engines. I'm redoing timing right now. As soon as I get finished I will let you know. Thanks for the help and anymore suggestions are still welcome.


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Oh... I was also told that even if the 1u is off one tooth it will not run.. Is that so?? Cause if it is I am wasting my time!!!


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It will run even with one tooth off. I have many friends with one tooth and ran ok. It is hard to say from the limited info. The followings are possibility:
* Cam Sensors are not plug in
* Spark Plug wires are not in the firing order
* Timing Off
* Crank Sensor not plug in
* Coil/s not plug in
* Fuel line
* Injectors
* MAF not plug in
* Vacuum line not plug in
* The list goes on and on.....

The most important thing is to test the 3 componants:
* Ignition
* Fuel
* Air


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I totally agree with you on the 3 most essential things. ok so here's the update. I've redone the timing and it was still doing the same thing!!! It was very low on gas though and my car sat up for a very long time (I know I know shame on me) so the gas that was in it was very poor. A few gallons of fresh gas and a trip around the block and everthing is fine!! Except a busted radiator now. My car is pooring fluid from the side of the radiator. anyone got one for sale cheap or something compatible???


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ok i just wanted to give all an update. I fixed the problem!!! After using the ever so helpful search option on this site I found that you are supposed to add coolant throught the t-stat housing to put coolant directly into the engine. I did that and let it run at idle for a very long time while it spit air and coolant out. finally after about 20 min of that I recapt it and put the resivoir cap back on. NO MORE OVERHEATING!!! I had air in the engine. So thanks to all that helped in this post and past ones I found