Sc400 Vs. Porsche S Turbo....

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Sc400 Vs. Porsche 911 S Turbo....

I should only discuss races that I win but here it is anyway. This is the first weekend I was finally able to drive my SC400 in almost 3 weeks after doing these recent mods of mine.

So here I am it's Friday night 9:00pm or so and I was actually looking for a race before I went out for the evening, which I normally would not do, the races usually come to me. I had been cruising my favorite race street and was riding back and forth on it a few times to seek out a good challenge... and guess what? The third time back was the charm. I was hoping for a stock Vette, an AMG, mustang, or something thing that I can measure my cars speed up against. So what pulls up next to me a brand new Porchse S turbo. At the time I couldn't tell what model it was sitting right next to me, I was really hoping it was a non turbo. Anyway, the light was red I gave the car a tap of the gas while holding the brakes, just to make sure he wanted to give it a go and immediately I could tell he was a go..He edged forward playfully. This is a long red so you can mess around...I was nervous about racing a Porchse so I armed the newly charged and heated nos bottle (nos gauge reading 1000psi) from the very start....My car was ready to go, fans shut down, everything off except the headlights.

The light turns green and we are off, I hit the gas about 85% throttle for just a split second which is just enough to keep the rears from spinning to badly (nos engages when the excellerator is 100% floored and not at 85% when armed) and then just after that I proceed to hammer the accelerator to the floor ingaging the nos. The Porchse blasts off and is already one car length in front of me wheels are spinning, my second gear kicks in and rears are still cherping just a bit and the car did get slightly sideways for second and I quickly edge up closer to the Porsche and just about catch the damn thing, then my third gear hits and the Porsche pulls away slowly. I back off at around 80mph or so. That is when I noticed it was a Porsche S turbo I was racing. I pulled up at the next light and gave him a thumbs up he did the same back to me....End of story...We were hauling arse, and that car was so new it still had the dealer plates on it....I really was impressed I made the race as close as I did, I think he was too. I just read these turbo S's do 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds or something like that....WOW

I did noticed with my new wider wheels in the rear I did get a little wheel hop in first gear riding the nos. In the past I would wait until the car shifted into second gear before hitting the nos and no wheel hop... I guess the tein flex coilovers are a must.. I also noticed driving home my oil light would flicker on and off, car stalled out at idle the day before. My car runs very cold for some reason after installing the electro fans (runs at a quarter temp read), so I am changing the thermostat to see what happens. This also could be the result of my disconnected the Hydo pump read to the ECU.. I am going to toy around with that and see what happens, car still runs good. Anyway, that is it I hope I did not bore you....