Restore lost power 1uzfe vvti

Hi, my 1uz runs from 0-100 in more than 10s (11-12s) but to my understanding it should be running close to 7.0 seconds flat. I was wondering what i could do to bring back lost power and make it run as good as in the begining.
The car even struggles to push at speeds above 110km/h. Seems to have the seem same power from there on. Halfway throttle and full throttle are similar.
This vehicle is lighter than the Ls400 which should mean the difference shouldn't be this drastic.
I haven't dynoed the car yet as i live about 500km away from the nearest dyno shop.
Please help, will greatly appreciate it.


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Have you checked the operation of the AVIS VSV?

Is it still running auto?

Have you checked for fault codes?


Can be anything
The vvti are known to sometimes have faulty knock sensors and not set corresponding code.
However you are likely to have many problems at once
Buy cheap diag.tool like ELM327 ver.1.5 (strictly 1.5) and ELMSCan Toyota app for android phones. That's absolute minimum setup that costs about a couple beers. Then you will at least have minimal chances to find some of your problems


My 1UZ did not convince me it was a V8 when I bought it. So I:

Fixed all vacuum leaks.

Fixed the ACIS solenoid.

Cleaned the throttle body real good.

Installed new fuel injectors.

Cleaned the MAF.

Turned up the pressure dial on the transmission to firm up the shifts.

Put a Tundra plastic intake manifold on just for hoots, but that’s a bonus mod.

Use a scan tool like mentioned above to make sure everything is healthy.

Now my GS really hauls some serious ass.