Rebuilding 1uzfe VVT-I


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So guys, here I am, the "tinker-thinker!"

I was curious to know what front cover items should I replace while I'm rebuilding this engine, if any!? brackets, idlers, etc etc

- Assuming cost wasn't an issue which is a lie, but what are some of the things/concerns fellow GS owners have done.

* My Current Plans, after the engine is inspected by a machine shop:

Repair/Replace Harness Connectors
Misc Hoses
PCV Valve
VAFC NEO - I have
Full Gasket Kit - I have
PPE headers - I'd like to buy
New T-belt
New CPS???
Water Pump
Oil Pump
Slim fan
New Mounts
Replace/Rebuild starter - Best route? Best Replacement brand?
Upgraded ALT
* New rings
* New Bearings

If I missed anything feel free to school me, I'd appreciate it. :uh:


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Also Ive noticed a huge price diff in 2uzfe front engine components, could I use them safely on my 1uz. Ive read on this forum that the Oil pump works. So I'm curious as to what else will?



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I was told that the oil pumps never go out, & Mr Lex is probably right, but I bought one anyway, when I built my motor. Rings is a whole kit. Really the only pullies your gonna want to replace it the idler/tensioner pulley on the front that is used for your serpentine belt. & the 2 pulleys inside for the timing belt. You want to buy PPE headers but, if you want to save some money. My S&S are for sale for half the price, but need the cracks tig welded. There posted here & on CL. Good luck.


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Thanks Spd. I appreciate you replying.

I actually contemplated buying your header, as I saw them posted on CL. But I figured I'd just go w/ PPEs to save myself the additional outsourcing.


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Many of the 2UZ front accessories will work, and of course being Toyota parts, instead of Lexus, they're cheaper.

So far, I've run the 2UZ oil pump, water pump and timing belt tensioner on my 1UZ. I think the fan bracket I'm using as a replacement for the hydro pump is also for a 2UZ.


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Thank You Guys so much, sorry Ive been MIA. Trying to launch this shop is hard work. Very time consuming. Rarely anytime to play w/ the GS.
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