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I was reading The Flea website www.1uzfe.com and noticed few pieces of the powdercoating parts look very nice. I wonder how hard it is to do it at home.

I notice I will need two major kits. How much skill does it take?

According to Flea you need Caswell Wrinkle Black Urethane powder and a Powercoating system. The total is less then $200. What do u guys think?


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PS: Urethane is ok for underhood applications but Epoxy would be best. Anyway, that wrinkle is not a Urethane but either an epoxy or a polyester tgic free (technically a carboxyl polyester cured with Powderlink) and I was formulating with that chemistry back in the early 90's. It will work fairly well for underhood, the wrinkle does tend to hold dirt and grime though.

Urethane is a bit softer and is less chemically resistant - and less heat tolerant than the powderlink and both are less resistant than an epoxy.



NakHack said:
I am your man when it comes to powdercoating. We can work something out. I've got my project V8 here and will be coating some parts which I can show you.

Check out my website here: www.technicalhelp4u.com/powder
Hey man, I need to hit you up on some powdercoating...I have several parts that I want to powdercoat for my SC400TT project.

PM me, and I will give you a call...You are in the US, correct???



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Ryan, talk to me about powder coating. I have a local source that does all of my work, and they are pretty inexpensive. I also have a GREAT source for anodizing. YOu're local to Orlando, so that works out.

I tried to PM you on it, but my PM function has been disabled.


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morris said:
Any good sites or books to learn how to powdercoat on your own?
its not really hard enough to need an indepth explanation,


1 Clean parts really well, Degreeser and sand blast
do not touch any of the parts that need to be coated after the cleaning
finger greese messes it up, preheat oven to 400deg

2 Clip on ground wire on a section that does not need to be coated,
Spray powder on make sure it has covered completely, it kinda looks thick
when covered correcly

3 make sure to discharge the gun by touching the tip of the gun to the
ground clip, or you will get a nasty shock!

4 bake in oven for 20 mins still at 400deg. do not touch any parts that you
want to look good.

5 let parts cool slowly, dont try to put in feezer, or put water on them.


I know two people that bought the cheap PC kits off ebay. I think the biggest thing is having a heat sorce (Like an oven) big enough for the parts you want to do.

Here's high-temp ceramic black on a home kit. MCE's first attempt at powdercoating... Looks good!




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Yes, anyone can powder coat at home. :approve:

If you have any questions let me know. I also post on Eastwood's site under the name TechnicalHelp4U.

At this time, I do not powdercoat for others - but will soon be coating smaller parts up to 3' here in Indiana inexpensively and also offer on site powder coating training.

If you need powder let me know, I can get you a good deal. Also check out my site for free powder coating info, see link I posted above.

...wait.. toysrme.. you said ceramic coating - did you apply that yourself? How hot did you cure it before placing it in service?


Yes, done at the house in the normal oven with the merge/up pipes done broken down. It's been awhile, but the best he can remember is 425f for a 1/2 hour. You'll need to check with the powder on that. The more I remember back to it, the more I think it was just 1000*f powder & not ceramic powder.

At any rate, durability hasn't been an issue. A near daily driven car for 9 months & it seems fine when we took it all off last month starting a tear down.


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I have one of the Eastwood Kits and an old electric oven that cost $25.00 AT A Garage sale. I am very happy with it and so are the members of my car club. They buy the powder and do the prep work, I shoot it and bake it and they supply me with refferals and beer.