Please help identify this Y-pipe.


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I think you will find its a rear Y pipe as it doesn't have any cats and the ends don't turn up enough to rear the headers.

N idea what it could be out of.


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So I went over to see it today and discovered it's probably an LS400 or Crown Y-pipe .

Too bad half of the Y section had been hacked off and put on another project.

Would it be possible to modify/weld the collector part back together and still get good results?


Here are some not-so-good pics. .
Screenshot_20181204-181215-480x854.png Screenshot_20181204-181229-359x638.png Screenshot_20181204-181242-359x638.png 20181204_181328-359x206.png


A bit late I know (I've been asleep), but that's not a Crown engine pipe.
Crown header pipes are almost vertical, and the RHS engine pipe is straight from the header. The LHS pipe drops down then turns 90 degrees then again 90 degrees, then runs along the RHS pipe, joining further along.


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It turned out to be an LS400 Y-pipe. Someone just cut it after the merge... I think they were interested in the cat.