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basically im building my shit box to do some skid racing

here is a run down

89 cressida

Fiend Performance harness (great work for cheap)
4runner flywheel modded and stock clutch (going to look into 3s twin disk clutch because i have a buddy with one sitting from a old alltrac build)
xcessive adapter
xcessive engine brackets
xcessive solid mounts
xcessive trans crossmember
xcessive polly trans mount

serialnine/stance coilovers
xcessive rear arms
xcessive solid subframe bushing
xcessive solid diff bushings/supra diff conversion plate
supra diff (need to pull out lsd and put open in and have it welded)

riverside ame
front 18x9.5+29
rear 18x10.5+11

bride brix 2
xcessive seat brackets
nardi deep corn wheel

what i have left to do
install motor and trans
mod driver side header
make exhaust
install interior harness/dash
remove abs
order fuel lines,fittings,ect
cut inner fenders and roll/pull rear 1/4
swap racks
+ more

depending on how funds are, what parts catch my eye even if i really dont need them, and how much motivation i have i should be able to get this thing done fairly quick . but with winter coming fast ill most likely take me sweet ass time on it

onto pictures
car running with a auto n/a 2j till one of the rods wanted to run away

started tear down

old man i used to work with made this purple its so nasty in person


how the pile is sitting now

what im working with to get the wheels to fit


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ive seen cressy fenders 3"+ with some elbow grease. should be able to clear that wheel no problem. keep up the good work


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Yeah it won't be too bad to do. I just need to do it. A buddy of mine doesn't believe that I can make them fit with little to no camber.


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hit up jzxproject, there's a overfender group buy on there. they should get those wheels nice and flush. Also Be sure to lock tight the living shit out of the xcessive supra diff conversion. One of my studs backed out, which then cause the other bushing to pull thru the subframe, which then very nearly broke off the front standoffs. Needless to say the diff was ready to fall out at any second.. I ended up making s thicker base plate and I reused the xcessive standoffs.


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those overfenders look like shit. i know enough body guys that i know i can get the metal worked to make them fit