Motec M800 piggy backed on 09/1996 Soarer v8

Getting around to fitting the M800...

Plan is to piggy back it onto the stock ECU let it take care of the auto, idle speed etc and just do fuel, ignition, boost, water injection and maybe some of the traction control with the Motec..

anyone got a pinout for the 34/22/16/28 pin ECU handy?


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Check the LS400 1996 and I think they will be pretty close. It works for most sequential ECUs with that pin confiruration. Check pin position more than colour.
Results are in!

170rwkw (pulling a 97kpa on the map sensor showing an intake restriction - could be stock AFM or stock filter box)

Only engine mods are TRD thermostat and a full exhaust and headers and of course the Motec M800!

Thank you to everyone that helped with the wiring diagrams!
Ok soon as I Finish the 1UZ swap into the MX62 wagon i'll hope to be ditching the stock ECU out of the soarer and using a PCS TCM2000 to run the trans, anyone know if ABS and TRAC will continue to function without the stock ecu?