Mitsubishi l200 1uz non vvti swap


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I'll start from the beginning which is pretty easy and straight forward.
I own a Mitsubishi l200 which I bought with a factory v6 in it. It was very good I did a few mods front winch bumper, rear winch, Bobtailed the tub (cut 14" out of it) painted it bright orange. And life was good until I dropped 2 Pistons on the way home from playing in the mud. Recovered home, stripped engine out and very nearly stuck a v6 back in it until a little birdie pointed out the 1uz engine. I've been toying with the idea of a solid axle swap for sometime so the project now begins. Toyota hilux front axle/suspension and a v8 power plant. I'm sorry if the start of the topic is a bit off thread but now you know my story......

As it was when I bought it


As it stood the day I broke it

The 1uz test fitted in the engine bay for the first time



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It looks like it will fit quite nicely with plenty of room for the radiator.

From what I can see of it I'm guessing it's from an LS400?

What transmission will you run?


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Yes it is a front sump ls400 engine.
I've got the Lexus gearbox and a hilux surf gearbox. I'll be using the Lexus gearbox and surf transfer box. I was planning on using the complete surf box but I'm not sure if the Lexus ecu will run the surf gearbox.


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Well got the the Lexus gearbox modifications done thanks to threads on here. All bolted up to the hilux surf transfer box and speed sensor set to about 1mm.

Shaft cut and modified speed sensor

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hi mate I am also in the middle of doing a 1uzfe swap into my mk triton just wondering if u could share a bit of your knowledge with me . I have gone for the r151f gearbox ,rear engine mount matches up to the triton crossmember with a few minor mods just wondering what u did for front engine mounts and in particular how u wired it up,did u remove the v6 ecu and wiring or just install the 1uzfe and relays and fuses ,nice job by the way.any imformation u could give me would be much appreciated.cheers mate.....