LPG on 1UZ-FE Kombi


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ok so im looking into LPG on my 1UZ-FE (89' Toyota crown Engine) engine running in a Dual Fuel situation (as i intend to do some interstate driving and some petrol stations dont have LPG between adelaide and darwin) but i have some questions

1. vapour or Liquid injection, as far as i read liquid is the way to go as you get almost the same KM as petrol (for a slightly higher install price)

2. Injectors, will i need to upgrade injectors?

3. ECU, im using a Motech MLS ecu, when i spoke to a gas guy about a vapour gas setup he mentioned the vapour gas computer pigybacks on the stock ECU, will a liquid injected ecu work with my Motech MLS ?

3. 1UZ-FE heads, the gas converter was concerned with the toyota head being alloy, has anyone had any problems with damaging the head once converted to LPG (after at least 35,000km) ?



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i made some calls and found out some answers for those interested

1. for a slightly higher cost, Liquid injection is defaintly the way to go, being almost 1:1 with petrol in economy

2. it comes with its own set of injectors (as well as your current)

3. it will work with all ECU's as it piggy backs off the injector input

4. from what ive read on forums ect, the heads are fine :)