looking for MS2 map for standard 1uz


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Hi, just finished wiring in an MS2 into a landcruiser for a bit of fun in the mud

I'm running edis 1 packs and 32-1 crank trigger on the standard tube headders. And im trying to get it to run enough with out a wide band lambda for "testing" as funds have some what dried up for one right now.

Any successfull maps would be appreciated.



there is a few maps out there that are for ms3x. you can take those and transfer over the values by comparing or screenshot trouble is the fueling and ignition will both be off.

i was in the process of doing the same but decided to wait till i could upgrade to ms3x problem is its a $460 upgrade :eek:

i have mine started and idling but dont like running all the injectors in one shot.


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Yea I was looking at that but the difference between sequential and non sequential would make the maps different, or I would think anyway. I'm still learning very much so! I even googled for screen shots of maps and no one seems to have listed any :(

I just bought this ecu new as an ms2 as I wanted to keep the full thing simple as poss, for an off road only buggy im not worried about the +or- 10/20% gains/losses in power but its made my 1uz totaly waterproof and half the wires of the original ecu no MAF etc.

The fella that built it pretty much said it might fire up with the base map that's on there but it well need re done to make it run at all right


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I got the nice fella from magnacore to make me a custom set.

I'll get on that forum when im home again cheers