liquid coming out of exhaust

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well, just imported a celsior. 89 fpackage

anyway, to the point, when the car sits there and idles, after a while something that looks like water builds up on the inside of the tips (its a huge wide streched single tip, the size of two tips) and then drips out of the mufflers (tips are removable) ontop the ground.

its clear, but black from the mufflers...

this is even when idling at tempterature. i checked the coolant (cars been driven around 20km since landing) and it hasnt gone down or anything... all fluids are up to level...??

any ideas?

is it just condensation because the tips are really wide (about 1.5coke cans wide, and 3/4 of a can tall, like a long squashed tube)



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I concur. Water is in fact a by-product of combusting air and fuel. Hydrocarbons (Gasoline) are split into water and carbon dioxide by the catalytic converter more then the engine itself. The converter basically just attaches an oxygen molecule to the offending pollutants by using heat, O2 and the catalyst used in the converter inself and totally eliminates the carbons. Take the cat out and you will hardly ever see water, just the nice stinky black hydrocarbons.

HC to H20 + CO2, CO to CO2, NOx to N2 and O2 should be the correct reaction.