I got robbed by JVG Motorsports


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Recommend filing a claim with the State's BBB. After that you can take legal action through small claims if you haven't done so already.

I've been robbed by another Ebay retailer. We need to push Ebay to start Policing their recommended dealers. otherwise it's probably better if we boycott Ebay all together LOL.


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David, seriously, register a complaint about this guy with the BBB. Only takes 10-20 minutes online, and you may get some satisfaction. I'm currently working out a deal gone wrong this way myself. I still have the option of Small Claims Court, but don't think I'll need to use it.

No business wants to have a rap sheet with the BBB.


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I love small claim court. I have taken many attorney to courts and kick their behinds. BBB sounds great. If they are local to my state, I wouldnt be post this at all. I still call weekly but still no answer.


You were the one talked to them right? Can you please follow up with it?


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Small Claim only good if its within my state. I am in CA and that scammer is in NY.
In this case, contacting the Federal Trade Commsioner is a good bet. They can do it nationwide. I got a case with Fry's Electronics with the help of this Federal Agency and it's taken care by Fry's Corporate for less than 2 weeks.


Just call me "Lex"

After months of calling, emailing, aim and fax, I finally talk to a live person. The guy named Jon Van Geest answered the phone and they said we didn't accept the package. However, this is not what they wrote on email conversion that they "inspected the turbo". John from JVG Motorsports could not answer my question and he hung up. Please.... DON'T DEAL with JVG. Terrible......

Here is the partial conversion from paypal, but few emails also but can not find it.


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I live in NY and i've never even heard of this place. I'm pretty familiar with most shops in the NYC and long island area. His website is only an online store which means it's most likely some jerk off who is running an online business with secondary vendors. If i find the car on his homepage i'll be sure to send you it's location -.0

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i dont know if this helps ir if you discovered this on your own already but i think i found the dude house. or well trailer.,+Kohl's+Plaza,+Unit+7,&ie=UTF8&near=Albany,+NY+12205&ll=42.756214,-73.873057&spn=0.00286,0.00501&t=h&z=18&iwloc=A&om=1

have fun.