HELP PLEASE best piggy-back for N/A 1995 sc400 Obd1?

dude probably don't need 5 threads on here for the same thing... there is like maybe 10 people that still come here often, one new post stands out....

drink less coffee and perhaps more or less drugs would be good!
welp theres 2, one asking abou piggy back and then one a ecu. then one asking about cylinder heads, one asking about cams, and one asking to post connecting rod pics.
thats two that are kinda the same and 3 that are semi different.

if i had known you'd be the only one giving the only response outta ten people who come on here, guess what ''mate''. probably wouldn't have joined.

lol you start trolling after 4 responses.,,way to welcome new members, and lextreme customers. pathetic:rolleyes:
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