Hello From Spain! 1uzfe to4runner


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Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be here.
My name is Gastón, I am 29 years old and I have a 4runner 1st gen 22re, I will tell you my story.

I have been wanting to mount a 1uzfe for me 4runner for a long time ... But the information in my country is very scarce and I have to search a lot through forums.

I had doubts me kit lista, I tell you:
- 1uzfe vvti.
-R150F gearbox.
- XAT Racing 1UZ to R150 Aisin Transmission Adapter Plate kit (with flywheel and clucth).
- XAT Racing Tweak'd Universal Race Car UZ V8 Full Harness.
-blackmachine oil adapter.
-ECU with bypass the immobilizer on VVTi.
-Motor mount by North West Toy.
-Radiator by North West Toy.
-Block Hugger Headers by North West Toy.

I think to start it would be everything, but please tell me if you leave me something.

A big question I have, is it better to buy a whole car? Or just the engine? Can I take advantage of the whole car? Or is it not worth paying more?.

Thank you!