GS460 at the strip!


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My dyno operator and tuner was busy with the drag event this weekend so we couldn't get the GS tuned!

So I thought.. why not? Let's do it!

Very disappointed though, wanted to break into 13's! But these crappy Yokohamas let me down again!

1st run, wheel hop so I backed off!
2nd run, the car just bogged!

Will try again soon when I get new tires!

Enjoy the video!


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Sounds like you need some wider tires and maybe a stiffer suspension? What size front/rear tires are you running? Also, deos your ride have an LSD from the factory?


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I am running Yokohama S.Drive tires
245/35/19 front
275/30/19 rear

I am also lowered on Eibach Pro Kit

Yes, I have LSD from factory.


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An old thread, but still is an interesting thread. 285/30/19 rear matches up better with 245/35/19 front. That'll give you more traction off the line and eliminates wheel hop.